5 Homemade Treats Your Pups Will Flip For

Shopping around for dog treats can be very difficult and expensive. Ain't nobody got time (or money) fo' dat! To save you (and us) time and money... here is a list of 5 easy homemade dog treats our Furlocity office dogs flip over.

Spinach, Carrot, and Zucchini Treats

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These treats only take 25 minutes to prep and the main ingredients are nothing but healthy for your pup- Shhh! Don’t tell ‘em!

Frozen Blueberry and Coconut Oil Treats

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What’s more perfect of a hot summer day than some yummy frozen treats? Pawsitively nothing! (Sorry... that's a terrible but unavoidable joke) And get this… they are also healthy and can help with doggy skin issues.

Grain-Free Sweet Potato Treats

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A lot of pup parents choose the grain-free diets for their pets. Grain-free is a good option for pets with many allergies, that struggle to control weight, or are in need of some extra nutritional value. Do some research and decide if going grain-free is for your dog!

Apple, Bacon, and Oatmeal Treats

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Want to give your pup something extra special and delicious without totally throwing away their healthy diets? These apple, bacon and oatmeal dog cookies just might be your answer.

Peanut Butter Pumpkin Treats