5 Reasons Dog Owners Are More Romantic

If you are looking for that Mr. or Ms. Right forget about those websites that claim that they will match you to your perfect person. Skip the happy hours and late nights out and head to your nearest dog park. Dog owners are scientifically proven to make better romantic partners than people with other types of pets, and certainly better than those poor souls living without furbabies.

1. Dog Owners Are More Likely to Be Monogamous

Dog owners are more likely to be monogamous. This is because staring into your beloved pup’s eyes stimulates the production of oxytocin in both of you. In a 2009 study, when dogs gazed into their owner’s eyes for 30 minutes, significantly more oxytocin was found in their human’s urine compared to those who did not participate in the staring activity. Oxytocin is thought to play a primary role in human bonding such as between mother and child, but also between sexual partners in monogamous relationships.

2. Owning a Dog Makes Men More Attractive

If you are of the male persuasion, owning a dog will make you more attractive to females. In one 2013 study, men who were considered cads, so only considered attractive in the short term, greatly increased their long term attractiveness when they were cads with dogs. Furthermore, mating effort in cads with dogs was less than that of cads without. So, cads, get yourself a dog if you are looking for a stable relationship without signaling to women that you are ready to be a dad.

3. Men with Dogs are Less Likely to Cheat

Ladies, your significant other may be a cad with a dog, but a cad with a dog, is less likely to cheat. IllicitEncounters.com, the UK’s top married dating site recently reported that of 1000 people who reported having affairs, less than 20% reported having a dog. The rest of those surveyed reported having either no pets, or other animals. This is true for both cads and ladies.

4. People with Pets Have Better Relationships

Owning a pet is associated with multiple benefits to relationships. Couples with pets report a higher relationship quality compared to couples without pets. Individuals with pets exhibit greater empathy and commitment, which increase the longer the person has the pet. People with dogs demonstrate even greater empathy, leading to more responsiveness to partners, and greater devotion to their relationship. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

5. Dog Owners Do Romantic Things More Often

Finally, dog owners are more inclined to do romantic things like take long walks in the moonlight on beautiful winter nights. They also tend to participate in activities such as cuddling on the couch under a blanket, while sharing popcorn with their furbaby. While there is not much scientific research on this aspect, it is highly suggested that you try it.