6 Embarrassing Moments Only Other Dog Owners Will Understand

A member of our Furlocity community, Diana Amato, has so many great stories about her dogs, Rocco and Lola, that we had to let her share. As pet parents, we know you'll be able to relate.

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As dog owners, we all have stories to tell about the time our beloved pups did something that had us cringing with embarrassment. Laying bets, it probably included a major bodily function or social faux pas. Here are a few of my own most embarrassing moments that only other pet parents like you will be able to truly understand, because if you can't share with friends, who can you share with?

Rocco Gets Even at the Airport

Flying across the country with a large dog is never an easy trip. Rocco was in his crate and flying below with baggage. He was fully stocked with an adequate supply of water, treats, toys, and of course, his favorite blanket. Rocco was no stranger to being in his crate. It had been his go-to spot since his puppy days.

By the time we landed in San Diego, after one layover and a plane change, there was a waiting period before the baggage handlers brought the crate into view. Before even seeing the crate, I could hear Rocco's unmistakable anxious, non-stop barking. What the heck had happened? In his crate, he was standing in a puddle of water, his blanket was soaked and he was not happy, to say the least. Quickly opening the door to the crate, leashing him, and running him towards the nearest exit doors, Rocco stopped dead at the huge sliding doors and took a huge poop. He turned around and glared at anyone looking and then took off running to jump into the back of our waiting SUV. Thanks Rocco!

Rocco Hates Minecraft

Do large dogs have any concept of their size? Genuinely asking... because Rocco doesn't and I can't figure out if it's something I've done! A full-grown male Aussie has a wide backside, and Rocco uses it to his great big wide advantage when wrestling with our friend's son, Leo. Rocco's goal is to pin Leo down by sitting on him. This play-to-win game goes on until Leo's blunted tail is literally wedged on the boy's upper thigh. All of this playing around is on the floor, or outside in the yard, and usually everyone gets a kick out of it.

A couple summers ago, though, Leo got more into Minecraft than wrestling with Rocco, and our wide-backed boy wasn't having that. Let's put it this way. Boy plays Minecraft on laptop. Rocco tries to sit on boy. Diana buys boy new laptop.

Good ole' Rocco... supporting Apple computers one unsolicited wrestling match at a time.

Rocco Uses Biological Warfare on my Cousin

I have a cousin who would visit our house on occasion when she was traveling to our city for work. I think there was an unwritten clause that my dog was guaranteed to have a severe gastrointestinal episode during her stay. Seriously, after three visits, and three major bouts of diarrhea left outside her bedroom door, would you visit my house again?

We'll miss you, dear cousin!

Lola's All Bark

As a German Shepherd mom, it is easy to get caught up in the level of intelligence that these dogs possess. I admit to a high level of pride in my girl, Lola, but she is two things that don't always mix - sweet and excitable. She'd never hurt a fly... but she's big and loud... which doesn't always work out for her (or me).

Our neighbors have two very small dogs. They are the sweetest things and are very protective of their turf. These two dogs come up to our wooden fence and always start barking at Lola, unknowing of her real size and faux-ferocity. On the rare occasion that we are walking our dogs at the same time on the street, it is always uncomfortable to watch the two little ones shake in their shoes as Lola bounds towards them. The thing is... I think she just really enjoys messing with them.

The Beige Crusader Saves the World from Lola's Poop

When you walk your dogs, there is a code of honor: you will pick up your dogs' poop. What happens, though, when you run out of poop bags on route? Walking my dogs early one morning, I wasn't paying attention to my supply of waste bags, which apparently makes me the worst person alive.

Within minutes, the two bags tied to one one leashes had been used. I should have turned around right then and headed home.

As our walk continued, so did the need for additional waste bags. I looked around, praying that no was watching. Of course this was not the case! A beige lady, in a beige car, wearing a beige sweater, stopped. She started to tell me what an irresponsible dog owner I was and that she wanted my name. I kept on walking. She finally drove off, only to pull up beside me again five minutes later with a roll of beige poop bags! The Beige Crusader saves the day again.

(I would have gotten it, lady... I just can't create bags out of thin air!)

I Swear! She Walked into a Door! Please Believe Me!

Do dogs understand the difference between going for a walk and going for a ride? Watching a puppy's unbridled energy is not only entertaining but flat-out funny. As new puppy walkers, we as a family, would take turns getting our newest four-legged member used to being on a leash. The excitement that would occur when we rattled that leash was hysterical. Lola would run to meet the sound of the leash, sliding into whatever was in the path. This was, of course, pure comedy.

As the walks started to encompass rides to the park and playtime there, the excitement and energy only escalated for our new puppy. One day we were preparing for a ride to the park. The puppy was leashed. He bounded out the door and couldn't wait for my son to open the back hatch of our SUV. Literally couldn't wait. The puppy jumped up and crashed right into the closed back lift door of that SUV.

That moment when you have to bring your bruised pup to the vet because it slammed into a closed door. You're just sitting there thinking "Please don't think I beat this dog... please don't think I beat this dog... I swear... she's just a little... special."