9 Ways to Include Your Pet in Your Holiday Traditions

The winter holidays are here and ‘tis the season to share time with family, friends and of course your fur babies! As any pet parent knows, life would not be the same without your furry loved one, and having holiday traditions with your pets is a fabulous way to make special memories.

Furlocity has come up with nine fun, playful and relaxing activities to do with your pets this holiday season. Enjoy!

1. Nothing says Christmas like reindeer antlers or a Santa outfit - Dress your pooch or kitty in a festive holiday costume, snap a selfie with him, and post it on your favorite social channels.

2. Festival of Lights (even for pets) - Give your pooch or kitty eight gifts to celebrate Hanukkah.

3. Get away from it all - Book a pet-friendly hotel and take a holiday family vacation with Fido.

4. Dog movies and chill - There are tons of fun holiday dog movies to watch with Fido - Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure, The Grinch, A Charlie Brown Christmas, Lady and the Tramp – to just name a few.

5. Say “Cheese” or “Bones” - Include your pet in your family holiday photo. Goofy holiday sweaters are optional.

6. Cats treats and chill - Buy your cat ‘the gift of catnip’ and have fun watching him enjoy it.

7. Relax together after some ‘me’ time - You both deserve some well-earned spa time, so book yourself a day at the (human) spa and give him an afternoon at the local pet spa.

8. Enjoy the gift of giving - Make homemade dog treats for all your dog friends at the dog park.

9. Giving back to pets who need it - Donate money in your pet’s name to your local shelter or better yet, volunteer at the shelter for an afternoon to give those pets some love and who need a forever home this holiday season.

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