Creative Ways for Pet Boarding Facilities to Raise Their Profile with Traveling Pet Parents

For busy pet parents who travel, finding the best and safest boarding option is easier said than done. The challenge is that planning a trip in and of itself is time consuming, and finding the perfect pad for their precious pooch simply adds another layer of unnecessary work, stress and trip planning chaos.

The pet boarding facility that is great at making the booking process/boarding experience as simple, quick, and enjoyable as possible for busy travelers will win the coveted top spot on every pet parents’ pre-travel checklist! And you don’t have to break the bank to raise the profile of your pet boarding facility - instead— make some bank without breaking a sweat!

Here are 5 tips to raise your facility’s profile with busy pet parents!

1. Engaging Company Website

A website provides a window into a business; so make sure that the window is ‘crystal clear’ and evokes trust. Your website needs to put potential customers at ease that their beloved pet is in good hands and safe, while making it as easy as possible for customers to utilize your services.

  • Make sure you include descriptions of your services, pictures of the facility and staff, community events you support, links to social media channels and blogs, newsletter sign-up options, simplified way to book a stay with minimal steps/forms to undertake and customer testimonials!

If you don’t have a website, perform a quick web search using the term, “how to build an inexpensive website” or contact Furlocity to help direct you to cost-effective website options. Affordable options are readily available to help even the least tech savvy and/or busy individual develop a paws-worthy website.

2. Get Involved with Community Outreach

People tend to patronize businesses that support their community. Get involved in local community activities/events and support paw-rific causes that get your name in front of potential customers! School functions directed at pet parents, charity/non-profit fundraisers or attend pet-related local Meetup Groups.

  • When you volunteer or participate at a community event, take digital photos and email them to the local newspaper, upload them to your website and post on your social media channels.
3. Form Local Pet Community Partnerships & Build Network

Develop strategic partnerships that serve and support the local pet parent communities, including pet retail stores, shelters/rescues (Humane Society), trainers and clubs, etc. Make the partnerships win/win situations whereby you’re able to gain access to and share your respective customer bases if possible.

4. Target the Right Audience with No Marketing Budget Available

Today, nearly 97% of consumers search for businesses online – and for travelers, this includes booking their hotel, airfare, rental car, and activities all online. By partnering with Furlocity, the premiere online pet reservation company that provides a technology platform and website to help foster mutually beneficial relationships between pet owners and trusted pet care services providers, pet parents will be able to easily find your facility online and instantly book a stay with you 24/7. This is a targeted advertising mechanism that has already been proven widely successful in the multi-billion dollar travel industry.

5. Empower Your Customers To Be “Brand Ambassadors!”

Your customers are your best advocates! When you get positive feedback, ask a customer to tell a friend, ‘like our Facebook page’, or better yet, ask if they would be willing to provide a written testimonial via email.
Send periodic notes to repeat customers, thanking them for their business. A personal touch goes a long way with customers.

It’s now up to you, as a savvy business owner, to put these proven strategies and tactics to work! If you do, we’re confident that you’ll gain the attention and become the go-to solution for pet parent travelers in your community.

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