Dog Days: Great Outdoor Summer Exercise with your Dog

If you're looking to spice up your exercise routine, or maybe you're new to exercise and figure it'll be a little more bearable if your pooch is panting along with you, we've put together some ideas to keep things fresh and fun all summer long.

Running: Six Legs are Better than Two

As we've covered in our Ultimate Guide to Running with your Dog, there's nothing quite like running with your pooch at your side. While you might consider running to be a chore, your dog will no doubt love it, and their enthusiasm for the daily run might be just the motivation you need to throw on those running shoes and hitting the pavement (or trail, or track, or whatever). It might not go smoothly from the start, as you'll both be learning how to run together, but ultimately you'll end up with a great, excited partner right along side you.

Go Fetch! Seriously, Go! Oh Fine I'll Do It.

If your dog is anything like some of the lazy pups we have hanging around the Furlocity office, a game of fetch with your dog can quickly become a chore of walking back and forth, getting whatever you threw. Fun(ish). Or maybe you're lucky and you have a dog that knows how to dog. Congratulations. The puppy gods have smiled on you. And hey... throwing that stick or ball is exercise in itself. Well you just have it all, don't you?

Sit. Stay. Lay Down. Wait... This is Exercise?

If you've ever spent an hour or two training your dog, you know it's a workout for both of you. Want him to lay down? You know you're getting down yourself. Heel? Well, you have to get to the other side of the room! Over and over and over... and just when you think he finally figured out how to roll over (after you've rolled over a dozen times)... he inevitably forgets it all and decides "sit" means spend 10 minutes licking unmentionable parts of his anatomy. Or is that just my dog?

Dog is my Co-Paddleboarder

No... this isn't a joke. Dogs love paddleboarding. They love skateboarding. Longboarding, snowboarding, heck, they even love boarding facilities (oh hey... we're pretty good at finding boarding facilities). Dogs can ride the nose of the paddleboard, freeloading the way only these four-legged moochers can. Once you're out on the water, you can even play fetch. Have fun with it!