How Much Does Your Dog REALLY Understand?

Come on boy! Come cuddle with your mama!

Have you ever wondered if your dog actually understands what you are saying? Some people have full-on conversations with their pups and believe they know exactly what they are saying, but how much does your dog really understand? Most dogs can at least understand basic commands such as, sit, stay, place, and so on, but some believe dogs are much more intelligent than we think.


People say that dogs can even sense when you are unhappy. They can tell by the upset tone in your voice. An unhappy owner often leads to punishment. Therefore, they submit, look sad and “say sorry”. They aren’t called big puppy dog eyes for nothing! Dogs can smell fear-Literally. When you are scared you sweat. Dogs can smell the odor in our perspiration. They can also smell adrenaline. Dogs can also sense when you are sad. Dogs often change their beha0vior to adapt to how you are feeling. A lot of times dogs even lick the tears as they fall from your face. What could possibly be more comforting than a dog licking your tears?


You always hear stories of the heroic dog who saved their entire family from their burning house or saved their owner from drowning. I think it is pretty safe to say that most dogs can sense when an emergency is taking place. Not saying that every dog will react in the same manner, but in the least, they know something is going on.


You might think your dog knows exactly what you are saying when you say “Let’s go for a walk!”,but most likely, the only part they are understanding is the word walk. Same thing goes for “Would my furbaby like a treat?” and so on.

Some (more intelligent) dogs can even differentiate the meaning of more words like different kinds of toys, colors, etc.. While dogs might not really understand as much as we would like them to, with a little work and consistent training, who’s to say they won’t one day?