Meet Sally: Furlocity's New SpokesPup

Halloween is almost here, so it's time for a little treat to go with your tricks this year. Today's treat is a glimpse at our super cute new spokespup, Sally!

If you entered this month's competition and didn't win, don't worry! We had so many pups to choose from, we'll be running a new competition soon. Like our Facebook page to stay up-to-date.

Meet Sally, a Halloween Goofball

According to Sally's mom, Wilma, Sally was a fun-loving, energetic, loving pup until the day she passed away not too long ago. She led a truly remarkable life, having been abandoned at only four weeks old. Wilma was immediately in love, and even kept a baby book of Sally, including pictures of her puppy graduation and Sally's first lost tooth. With SIX beds and countless toys, there's no denying Sally was one loved pup.

Wilma goes on to say, "She absolutely loved most foods. She loved to go places with me in the car, and she had a very fancy car seat that she loved," continuing, "She loved to give me millions of sloppy wet kisses. She loved for us to go on walks together every day. She loved being with me. She loved me very much and was very devoted and protective of me. She was very smart, and she also had a funny little sense of humor."

With a pictures like these, there's no doubt about that sense of humor!