On The Road with Fido


By M.K. Clinton

Everyone loves a fun getaway and dogs are no exception. Taking a trip with your canine companion can be a terrific bonding experience for both of you. With a little planning, your next trip with your pooch will be stress-free leaving more time for fun.

The first thing you’ll need to do is make sure that your destination is dog-friendly. It is easy to check for hotels that allow dogs with Furlocity’s help. More hotels than ever are realizing that family travel now includes pets and some even offer pet beds and special doggie treats for your furry friends.

When traveling by car, make certain that your pet is secured by either a dog seatbelt or confined in their kennel. An unrestrained dog in a car accident can be badly injured or killed. Do not take the risk, it isn’t worth it. If your dog is in the front passenger seat make sure the airbag is turned off as it is designed to protect an adult human, not a your pet.

Before you begin your journey, make sure that your dog has enjoyed some exercise and relieved himself. Also, a small meal is preferable to avoid motion sickness. Depending on the length of your drive, you most likely will need to plan on several bathroom stops for your pooch en route to your destination.

Once you get all the ‘trip planning’ completed, you’ll need to pack all of the doggie essentials in his own ‘doggie luggage’. Here is a list of items that you don’t want to leave home without.

Packing List for your Pup:

• Bed • Blanket • Bottled Water • Cleaning Supplies • Collars • Crate • Current Photo • Dog Food • Dog Shampoo • Dog Tags • Emergency Contact Numbers (veterinarian) • First Aid Kit • Food/Water Bowls • Leashes • Medications • Paper Towels • Poop Bags • Towel • Toys • Treats • Veterinarian Records • Wipes

If you haven’t had your pet micro-chipped, it is a good idea to do that prior to your trip. A microchip can be a lifesaver if you are separated. It would be tragic to lose your dog while on vacation, but it happens more often than you may realize. As an extra safety measure, make sure your pooch has current, proper identification. Also, write your contact information on the dog’s collar in the event their tags get lost.

There are a few suggestions on how to be a positive “Dog Travel Ambassador”:

  • Always scoop your dog’s poop
  • Do not leave them alone for extended periods of time in the hotel room.
  • Keep your pet on a leash and calm while inside the hotel.
  • Be prepared to react if necessary when approaching unfamiliar dogs on the grounds.

Traveling with your pet is a wonderful experience. Take time to do a bit of research and planning so the trip is a perfect, memory-filled time for both of you!


M. K. Clinton is the founder of Barking from the Bayou dog blog and author of the award-winning book series, The Returns. She is a 2015 BlogPaws conference ambassador. Melissa lives with her husband of 33+ years, her Basset Hound Bentley, and her granddog, Pierre in the bayou state of Louisiana. They enjoy playing, traveling and laughing together.