The History of National Dog Week -- 10 Things to Show Your Dog He’s Your Best Friend!

The week of September 21 is the start of National Dog Week! And if you are one of the millions of Americans who is lucky enough to have a dog, we’re quite certain that you cherish your furry friend and they are truly part of your family. But do you know the history behind National Dog Week?

Furlocity would like to pay homage to the man behind this wonderful celebration.

Did you know that National Dog Week was founded in 1928 by Captain Will Judy, a former publisher of Dog World Magazine and a dog judge? He created National Dog Week to educate all dog owners in their responsibilities to their pets and to their communities.

A dog expert and true lover of dogs, Judy wrote on most topics related to dogs; breeding, feeding, the building of kennels, dog showing, dog training, and raising puppies, etc. He started the ‘conversation’ about the profound spiritual and emotional bond between humans and dogs. Judy was a pioneer in understanding the potential for dogs as healers. As a decorated WWI veteran, Judy personally saw how valuable dogs were in military service. He also encouraged VA hospitals to include dogs to help veterans to heal, and he foresaw the potential to use dogs to help guide the sightless.

In 1928, Judy launched the first observance of National Dog Week to honor the many ways dogs served humans – either by being a loving companion or helping heal someone in need – and to promote responsible dog ownership. Captain Judy was quite an extraordinary man!

We know you love your pooch, but this is definitely a special week to give your companion some extra love and attention. Furlocity suggests these fun ideas to help make National Dog Week an special time for your pet:

  1. Take him for an extra-long walk. If you live near a wooded area let you furry friend enjoy a romp in nature.
  2. Give him a nice belly rub!
  3. Treat him to a day at the doggy spa. Who doesn’t love a blueberry facial!
  4. Buy him a new chew toy to enjoy
  5. Go on a beautiful scenic hike
  6. Treat your dog to a special, healthy meal
  7. Take your pooch on a vacation
  8. Spend quality family time with your pet – watch an animal show!
  9. Listening to or play music – Most dogs love music and many will attempt to sing along while you play or listen to your favorite songs.
  10. Arrange a playdate for your dog

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