6 Ways to Make Your Pet Boarding Facility More Attractive to Pet Parents

With so many pet boarding facilities from which to choose, it can often be difficult to attract new customers to your pet boarding facility. In order to maintain a competitive atmosphere with other businesses and to stay current – it is vital for pet boarding facilities to consider several important elements that factor into attracting not only new customers, but repeat customers.

Here are a few practical solutions for pet boarding facility owners in order to build a stronger presence in the crowded marketplace:

1. Install Webcams
  • One of the biggest benefits of having webcams in your business is to help attract new customers. Enabling pet parents the ability to logon and view their beloved pet via a computer or their smartphone while they are away/on vacation gives customers instant peace of mind. It also demonstrates transparency and establishes trust from the start.
2. Offer Visitation Test Runs
  • Some animals get anxious at the first sign their pet parents are going away. It is a great benefit to the customer and to the pet, if you offer the option for customers to bring their pet to the facility beforehand so their cat or dog can better adjust to their new environment.
3. Provide References
  • Pet parents want to be certain that they are leaving their pet in a safe environment. Inform all customers in your written materials and on your website that you provide recommendations from current customers.
4. Make Registration, Reservation and Check Out Process Easy
  • Most pet boarding facilities still rely on paper-based registration processes that are inefficient and outdated, and in the long run, will have a negative, direct impact on your business. Consumers are demanding that businesses cater to their needs, and in many instances this means embracing technology, including online registration and mobile applications.
  • Finding the perfect facility should never be a hassle for interested pet parents. With Furlocity.com, pet parents can search, compare and setup an overnight stay at your boarding facility in three simple steps.
5. Differentiate Yourself from Your Pet Sitting Competitors!
  • It’s imperative for brick and mortar pet boarding facilities to highlight the important differences between themselves and the competition. For example, quality-driven pet boarding facilities are staffed by trained professionals who are prepared to handle pet-related emergencies (on the very rare occasions something occurs) and have an adequate staff-to-pet ratio to ensure all animals are safe within the facility.
6. Freshen Up Your Look
  • You know the saying, “You never get a second chance for a first impression”? Take a look at your facility; how long has it been since you updated it? Consider a fresh coat of paint, new waiting room furniture, fun pet photos for the lobby walls or rearranging the setup. A little sprucing up can have a big impact on how pet parents perceive your facility.

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