We Need a New Furlocity SpokesPet!

At Furlocity, we're all about being the voice of pets. Pets that want to go on vacation with their pet parents, pets who want to go on a vacation of their own at a boarding facility. Whatever pets want, we want to provide a place for them to voice it.

To do this, we need a spokespet of our own. In fact, we need a few. Introducing the...

Furlocity Spokespet Photo Contest

Enter the Photo Contest Here

The Furlocity spokespet becomes the face of Furlocity.

The winner of the competition receives the following.

Your entry can be a big dog, a tiny pup, a purebred or a mutt. Ridiculously beautiful or so "interesting"-looking that it's cute. The only requirements are:

The picture should be no smaller than 1024x768.

Your picture will be up through October, so the best pictures will be Halloween or Autumn themed.

Enter the Photo Contest Here